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International Money Transfers

Whether you are making a personal or business International Money Transfer you will want the best exchange rate when exchanging and transferring your money. Get the latest live exchange rates for free at and use our currency converter to work out the cost of buying or selling a product or service using foreign currency.

Currency Exchange Brokers

Many factors affect the world's currency exchange rates and as a result exchange rates are always fluctuating. Exchanging your money at the right time can make you extra money. When transferring large sums of currency into a foreign currency we advise that you use the services of a Currency Broker. We recommend the company TorFX who are Foreign Currency Specialist Brokers. They will save you money compared with using High Street Banks or a Bureau De Change when making currency transfers.

Travel Money

If you are looking for travel money then you can get great exchange rates from TorFX. Click here to read more about buying your travel money from TorFX.

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Click here to go to our Currency Converter where you can calculate the cost of a foreign asset, product or service.

Personal Money Transfers

Whether you are buying or selling a property abroad, you are emigrating, buying a boat or yacht in a foreign country, or you are an expat - you will be making International Money Transfers.

Business Money Transfers

Do you work for a business that buys supplies abroad? Does you business make payments in a foreign currency? Is your company investing in assets in a foreign country?